So Which Is it – Over or Under ?

So…. This is my website, is my website. So I am weighing in here on the debate. One of the worlds biggest issue as to whether the end piece of the toilet paper should hang over the top of the roll or hang below the roll. For as long as I can remember I’ve hung the roll in the under position. So therefore it is my sincere belief that “under” is the correct way to hang the TP roll!

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Apparently, how you roll your toilet paper says something about your personality.

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Kittens discover toilet paper

The Right Way…Maybe

Toilet paper orientation

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Back-Facing Rolls Make Life Easier for Humans with Cats


The “Cat Problem” (also can be described as the “Child Problem”). With the Over roll, there is less friction on the roll and the toilet paper, allowing for ease of spinning the roll ‘dry’ (see image below of cat in said position), particularly with the cat, as their motion is likely to be pawing downwards, which allows the toilet paper to roll out and free. With the under roll, the toilet paper is protected from spinning out of control. A cat or an infant has to grip the toilet paper and pull, which is a bit more work, and while not impossible for the infant, much less likely to happen.

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